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I began weekly reformer sessions with Emily in May this year and by July my core strength and body shape has been completely transformed! 


Sedentary working from home had left me inactive and lethargic but Emily’s instruction on the reformer has made me strong enough to enjoy an active lifestyle again. I have lost weight, look toned and stand taller with much improved posture. 


Emily encourages my progression while recognising my limitations. New exercises and equipment are regularly introduced and I am constantly challenged while she actively tracks my improvement.


Emily is clearly skilled in her art and I cannot recommend Island Pilates enough, especially if you are in need of support, proficient  instruction and a lot of encouragement. Everybody needs an Emily! 



My first session on the reformer was great. It was challenging, using muscles I don't normally use and getting to grips with how to use the machine, but the excercises were varied and I felt strong and energised afterwards. Emily was great at explaining how to use the reformer and the individual exercises and I will definitely be back to have another go! 


I started Pilates classes 15 years ago but after a bad experience being made to believe I couldn't do anything correctly I gave up.

Recently I came across Island Pilates, it took me a few months to pluck up the courage to arrange a session with Emily.

Emily's friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm for pilates has transformed my mindset. I love every minute of my reformer sessions, an hour flies by and I leave feeling energised and looking forward to the next one.
Even the aches and pains the following day are good ones!!

Thank you Emily - I owe you so much more than I can ever tell you


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